Here's How Over 1600 Photographers Have Improved The Speed And Efficiency Of Their Entire Processing Workflow with the...

Luminosity Masking Panel

for Photoshop

It's the ONLY Photoshop panel on the market that has been designed to make luminosity masking EASIER and FASTER whilst fitting in perfectly with a well thought out processing workflow at the same time.

The Panel makes the time consuming, complicated process of creating clean, precise luminosity masks as easy as just a few clicks of the mouse.

This system boils down the most advanced and convoluted photoshop techniques to being easy as pie for even beginner photoshop users to perform.

If you want to:

  • Improve the speed and efficiency of your entire Photoshop workflow so you can waste less time in Photoshop on each photo while still improving your image quality
  • Create better, more precise masks in Photoshop
  • Create well balanced images by accurately editing separate parts of your images separately (like shadows, highlights etc)
  • Skip the tedious manual processes and make Luminosity Masking faster and easier than ever

Then you have FOUND what you're looking for!

The Luminosity Masking Panel has been tested and proven to work. If you’re looking to experience these results for yourself, then this is for you.

As you might imagine...

The Luminosity Masking Panel has been cleverly designed with you in mind…

  • It’s simple and straightforward to use, so you can start getting results instantly without having to take an 8 hour video course just to learn how to use the panel!
  • It gives you the FULL POWER of using Luminosity Masking the manual way, but without having to go through the process of learning the entire system and then memorising every step. 
  • It allows you to create the most intricate, detailed luminosity masks in seconds rather than minutes.
  • It gives you access to many complicated techniques you may not have been able to figure out before, so you can unlock the highest quality edits possible in your photos
  • It keeps everything simple, without confusing you with 15 different ways to create the same layer mask
  • It makes selective editing simpler than ever so you can brighten dark areas without affecting mid-tones and highlights, and so on
  • It brings together many other useful commonly used Photoshop processes in landscape editing giving you easy 1-click access to awesome contrast, light, colour adjustments, effects, and more

This Revolutionary Panel Will Work For You, Even If:

  • ​You’ve tried the manual way of luminosity masking and it just didn’t click
  • You’re currently using the manual way of luminosity masking and it’s working well for you!
  • ​You never seem to have the time to learn or use new things
  • You’ve already tried other plugins and panels which just left you even more confused and overwhelmed
  • You’d rather spend your time out shooting than in front of the computer
  • You feel like your photos aren’t good enough to begin with
  • You have trouble remembering how to perform new techniques in Photoshop after you learned them the first time
  • AND EVEN IF You feel like you’re getting started too late in life to learn all the advanced techniques you know you need to create amazing images

The Luminosity Masking Panel May Not Be Suitable For:

  • ​Photographers have all the time in the world to master every technical aspect of Photoshop
  • Photographers who already have a process that they are 100% happy with and all their images turn out perfectly every time
  • ​Definitely not for people who use Photoshop versions older than CS5 (because it only works with CS5 and above)

The Luminosity Masking Panel is a system that makes advanced Photoshop techniques fast and easy to learn and use.

This is the direct result of years of study and years of digging through the trenches to find what REALLY works, and them boiling all that down to a simple Panel to make the whole thing easy and fast for every level of Photoshop user.

  • ​Makes it so that once you get the general gist of what luminosity masking is, you can start using it right away without having to learn all the complicated manual steps.
  • It lays all the most important techniques and adjustments into a logical order that naturally fits in with the 6 stage workflow I mentioned earlier.
  • ​It all adds up to helping you obtain better results faster
  • It makes the many advanced techniques you weren’t able to use before possible without the massive learning curve.
  • You’ll find yourself going back through your old photos to bring them all up to new levels with your newfound processing abilities.

Photographers of all ages and all skill levels from countries around the world have used this panel to get great results:

John B

Luminosity Masking Panel User

I had tried to use a couple of other plugins, but they were just too complicated to use and didn't include the flexibility you've got in your plugin/extension. [The Panel] makes more efficient use of my time, [and gives me] better results.

Gene L

Luminosity Masking Panel User

[The Panel helps me] create better and more precise masks.

… Ease of use and the quality of the elements in the panel. They are not junk and the panel is so easy to use you don't need to spend hours going through training PDFs and Videos. What training there is, is to the point and professionally created.

Derek B

Luminosity Masking Panel User

[The Panel helps me] make precise selections in the areas of my images where I want to make any edits. It has helped to see specific areas where I want to select for editing and gives a better understanding of what I am trying to achieve with my edits. obviously the fast selections based on luminosity are a huge benefit, the added options for finishes, sharpening etc, all go to make the panel a great addition to my own workflow.

Richard H

Luminosity Masking Panel User

The panel combines several steps in Photoshop into a single click or two. I am a naturalist much more than a photographer. I struggle with Photoshop so any simplification in the process is very helpful.

[With the Panel] I am less reluctant to edit my photo in Photoshop if I'm not happy with what Lightroom has done. I spend less time searching for what to do in Photoshop.

Derek E

Luminosity Masking Panel User

As a hobby photographer searching for excellence I was aware that luminosity masking was the way to go but need a boost to learn more and got it [from the Panel]. It is part of my everyday work flow now.

If you're looking for the easiest way to step up your Photoshop game...

the Luminosity Masking Panel

Is your Answer

It's the only panel on the market that:

  • ​Was designed to make luminosity masking as SIMPLE as possible (Not to overwhelm you with how many “cool” ways there are to do the same thing!)
  • Aligns perfectly with the tested and proven 6 stage processing workflow that I’ve taught to over 103000 photographers since 2013
  • ​Does NOT assume you’re already a Photoshop expert to be able to use the Panel

Here's How It Works:

Watch this video for a run-through of each of the panels functions so you can get a glimpse at how much time you can save using these otherwise advanced and time-consuming techniques:

The Price Of The Luminosity Masking Panel Is Just $97

Australian Dollars

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FREE Bonus #1: Photoshop Workflow Fundamentals Video Course

You’re going to discover how to use the powerful 6 Stage Processing Workflow mentioned earlier, so you can finally gain consistency in your Photoshop results . This includes:

  • Over 120 minutes of video showing you exactly what to do at each stage of your workflow so that you can put this all to work for you right now
  • How to 3D-ify important objects so they jump off the screen
  • 4 important colour correction techniques that you need to know
  • 2 cool techniques for adding a soft, hazy glow to your landscapes
  • How to use black and white layers to ADD colour
  • The “Fake Grad Filter” technique (so you can manually blend 2 exposures in just a couple of clicks)
  • What you probably don't know about the Crop tool!
  • Plus lots more over the course of 18 downloadable video tutorials

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FREE Bonus #2: Luminosity Masking Mastery Video Course

This is my flagship Photoshop course that has taught thousands of Photographers the ins and outs of Luminosity Masking in Photoshop.

Now the Panel makes luminosity masking easier than ever before, but if you DO want to dive a bit deeper into the technical side and gain a thorough understanding, then this is for you. 

The Luminosity Masking Mastery video course is delivered over three easy-to-follow modules which teach you these advanced Photoshop techniques from the ground up so that you can get a deep understanding of how and why to use them (in modules 1 and 2).

Then in module 3 you get a full real-world walkthrough demonstration so that you can see how to apply everything you've learned.

It’s normally valued at $97, but it’s yours FREE today!

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FREE Bonus #3: Processing Walkthrough Video Packs 1 & 2

To help you understand how luminosity masking can be used to get amazing results, you’re going to see the start to finish processing of 6 of my own photos.

Each video is between 40 and 60 minutes and shows every step of the process required to edit these images from beginning to end.

Walkthrough Video Pack Volume #1

Video 1: Bay of Fires walkthrough

Video 2: Kiama Surge walkthrough

Video 3: Illawarra Tree walkthrough

Walkthrough Video Pack Volume #2

Video 1: Frankton Jetty walkthrough

Video 2: Glenorchy Sunset walkthrough

Video 3: Wakatipu Sunset walkthrough

These videos were recorded before I developed the Panel, so they show the full manual way of doing it, but now you have the panel it will help you recognise how much faster the panel makes the whole process!

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FREE Bonus #4: Landscape Composition 101 course

This is your secret to empowering you to come home with more successfully composed photos from every shoot. This includes:

  • Teaching you a solid understanding of what makes a strong composition so you can confidently compose a great image in-camera.
  • Enabling you to recognise a good composition when you see it in a photo, so you can "bag it" and move on to the next image when out shooting without wasting time.

It’s normally valued at $47, but it’s yours FREE today!

Here's everything You're getting:

Luminosity Masking Panel - $97

Photoshop Workflow Fundamentals Video Course - $27

Luminosity Masking Mastery Video Course - $97

Processing Walkthrough Video Packs 1 & 2 - $102

Landscape Composition 101 Video Course - $47


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Here is my promise to you. If you start to use the panel and implement it in your own workflow, and you honestly feel I’ve wasted your time or you weren’t able to find any value, send me an email and I’ll gladly refund you. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

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