"Are You Ready To Master Luminosity Masking?"

and finally give your photos that extra next-level boost that makes them POP!

If so, then get ready to learn what it takes to make Luminosity Masking the cornerstone of your Photoshop workflow and supercharge every aspect of your processing

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    Have you ever found yourself disappointed with how your landscape photos turn out even after you’ve edited them?
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    Are your RAW files turning out flat and dull no matter what you try?
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    Would you like to give all your landscapes that “Wow factor” you've been after for so long?
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    Do you want to fully bring out the true potential of your landscape photos?

Here's a look at what you're learning in the course

The Luminosity Masking Mastery video course is delivered over three easy-to-follow modules which teach you these advanced Photoshop techniques from the ground up so that you can get a deep understanding of how and why to use them (in modules 1 and 2).

Then in module 3 you get a full real-world walkthrough demonstration so that you can see how to apply everything you've learned.

Module #1: The Fundamental Techniques

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    How to create your FIRST luminosity mask
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    How to use luminosity masks to seamlessly blend multiple exposures
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    How to use advanced luminosity selections to isolate objects
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    How to create mid-tone masks which give you the ultimate control over contrast adjustments

Module #2: Advanced Luminosity Techniques

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    Introduction to "luminosity painting" (and why it's so awesome!)
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    The many uses of luminosity painting which will help you create that WOW factor in your landscape images
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    Be 100% accurate when hand-blending multiple exposures and NEVER brush "over the lines" again (translation = no more halos!)
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    Hand-paint colour and contrast adjustments into to individual tonal ranges so that you can increase the contrast in the highlights, remove a blue cast from the shadows and so on (the applications of this technique are limitless)

Module #3: Putting It All Together

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    An end-to-end 1 Hour video walkthrough where we hand-blend 5 bracketed exposures and develop the image using the techniques in modules 1 & 2 into the finished result that you see here.
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    Full step by step workflow and instructions that you can use to transform your own landscape photos
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    Use these same techniques on your own photos and see incredible results!

EXTRAS: Exercise Files

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    Download all original RAW files used throughout the videos so you can follow along exactly with the demonstrations in real time

FREE BONUS: Sharpening & RAW File Conversion Module

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    In the first video in this bonus, you’ll build on some advanced luminosity masking techniques you learned in the main course to learn how to ensure your photos keep ALL their glorious detail when you resize and sharpen them for print and for web.
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    In video 2 you’ll learn how to pre-process a single RAW file and create multiple bracketed exposures so you can practice the exposure blending techniques even if you don’t have any bracketed exposures to start with.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Take the skills and techniques you're learning in the Luminosity Masking Mastery course and if they haven't totally transformed the way you approach Photoshop within 60 days, just let me know and I'll return your payment, no questions asked!

"The upside is huge, with virtually no downside. If your processing and image quality doesn't rocket skywards as a result of taking this course, all that happens is you get your money back and you're 60 days older."

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    Put all your newly learned techniques and transformational Photoshop skills to use and see the difference it makes to your own landscape images! 

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I have found the Luminosity Masking course invaluable. It has certainly shown me the wonderful possibilities in using photoshop techniques to enhance and transform rather bland images - of which I have quite a few! Steve has great skill in sharing his knowledge and generously sends out many interesting short follow up videos which are clear and concise and not too difficult for beginners. There is a lot to learn but it is not overwhelming as it can be taken in small doses!

Hilary Lakeman

Reviewed on Facebook

Steve's Luminosity Masking Course helped me solve some of the thorniest post-processing issues I have encountered. Things that despite hours of work and failed attempt after failed attempt used to give me fits are now easily managed. I consistently achieve results I would not have believed possible before learning what Steve teaches in this course. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Rick Evans

Reviewed on Facebook

I had very little understanding of Photoshop when I purchased the Luminosity course but the teaching is so clear, it's been really easy to follow and then apply what I've learned. This course in particular has made a big difference to my photography and I gladly recommend it to anyone. Great stuff, Steve!

Dyfed Wyn Roberts

Reviewed on Facebook

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