This is NOT your average Photoshop course!

Not in a million years.

This challenge that you’ve decided to be part of is designed from a different perspective than most other courses, including my own.

Because sometimes TOO MUCH information TOO QUICKLY can be overwhelming.

So this is a new concept in delivery that you’ll be experiencing. 

Bite-size chunks, little nibbles of Photoshop techniques delivered to you each day so that you can learn ONE THING and learn it well before moving on to the next. 

This challenge sets out to overcome one of the most common problems my students tell me they have when it comes to their Photography…

Lack of time…

Each day’s task is designed to take around 20-30 minutes TOPS.

This is for two reasons. 

One – That’s just about enough time to read about, learn and use one new tip or technique.

Two – I’m convinced that ANYONE who is really committed to learning their craft can find 20 minutes at the end of the day to reward themselves with some “me time” to work on their love for photography.

Ok, so that all makes sense… But why not just dump all 30 days worth of content on you and let you go at your own pace?

Well that partly comes back to the problem of overwhelm. Spreading it out and FORCING you to spend a little time each day (instead of a marathon 1-day learning binge) means you won’t be skipping through and overlooking important techniques in the quest to “finish” the course asap. It’ll make it much easier to REMEMBER what you’ve learned when each day is all about one technique or concept.

But mainly it’s to help you turn your practice into a habit, so that when you’ve finally reached the end of this challenge, it will be so natural to you to spend half an hour a day working on your PS skills, that you’ll stick to it long into the future…

Just imagine if you spend 30 minutes a day for the next year, that’s 182.5 hours of practice… How much do you think you can improve with 182.5 hours more Photoshop time in your logbook?

It’s down to you

This challenge is delivered conveniently to your inbox daily. And I’ll be asking you to do stuff…

And it only works if you do the stuff!

Which means you’ve got to:

Open the emails

Click the links

Read and watch the instructions/tutorials

DO the tasks

And beware of the built-in trap doors that are there to keep you accountable… 

There is no “getting behind”… There should be no need for a breather, because this challenge only asks that you find those few minutes each day for yourself. It’s the opposite of overwhelming.

With that said, if you do decide to check out… Then that big ‘ol trapdoor will open up and it’s game over .

But I know that it won’t come to that for you, because I know that just by you making it this far you’ve already shown that you only want what’s best for your Photoshop skills and your photography as a whole.

So whadd’ya say? 

Ready to step up and take this challenge by the horns?

Then just click that big blue button below and lets get this show on the road!