Chapter 1 – Organisation

Video 1.1 – Importing images

Video 1.2 – Organising your photos with “collections”

Video 1.3 – Library & Develop Module basics

Video 1.4 – How to filter your “keepers”

Video 1.5 – Exporting images from Lightroom



  1. mm

    Got a question about these videos?

    Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you with an answer 🙂

  2. SimonChinyama

    I am using LR 2015 and don’t seem to find library filter as shown in video 1.3

    • mm

      Hi Simon, do you mean from the main menu at the top? If so, try hitting F5 on your keyboard or choosing from the menu WINDOW > LIBRARY.

  3. GaryLitwin

    Hi, Steve –
    I have imported hundreds of folders of photos into Lightroom 6 that don’t have ANY keywords.

    What is the best way to add keywords easily to an entire folder of images at once?

    Also how to select multiple images within a single folder to add additional new keywords to what are already there…


    • mm

      Hi Gary, Great question!

      If you want to have the same keywords across an entire folder of images, here’s what you can do.

      Step 1: Add the keywords to just one photo
      Step 2: With the “filmstrip” open at the bottom of the Library module open, and your keyworded image currently selected – press cmd+a (mac) or ctrl+a (pc) to “select all”
      Step 3: Click the “Sync” button near the bottom right of the right-side panel
      Step 4: In the window that pops up, put a tick in the box next to the metadata you want to sync to all images (in your case, just the keywords but it can be more) and click the “Synchronize” button

      I hope this helps, let me know.

      • GaryLitwin

        Great help, Thanks, Steve – also discovered that in “grid” view, you can select multiple images and add the keywords to just the selected images at the same time.

  4. PaulRea

    A really helpful keyboard shortcut in either develop or library is the letter F. It shows the shot in full screen without having to remove the side panels. Hit F again to return.

  5. AnthonyHardy

    Is it possible to fully download the videos for use on a Surface/iPad/laptop?

    • mm

      If you’re not seeing the download links, please try logging in with an incognito/private browser window (sometimes the download links don’t show until you do that for some reason).

      Not sure about surface, but to get the files on an ipad you’ll have to download on a computer first because the videos are in Zip files.

  6. MarkTaunton

    Hi Steve. How you remove a picture from a collection. I dont want to deleate the picture from the file but just from the collection.


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