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Each Walkthrough Includes:

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    Downloadable PDF file with step by step instructions, explanations and screenshots in A4 format - perfect for printing at home to keep on your desk and refer to while you work through the steps on your screen
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    All original RAW files used to create each finished image - so you can follow along exactly with the instructions
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    The PSD file of the finished image with all layers in tact - so you can dig into the actual file I used in creating the written instructions to get a close-up look at every step along the way

Here's a closer look at what you'll learn in each walkthrough

Walkthrough #1: Cradle Mountain

In this walkthrough we start out blending three bracketed RAW files into one good exposure using Luminosity Masking.

Then we continue on through the processing workflow to bring out the beautiful pinks and purples of the winter sunset, using a variety of techniques to make the contrast and colours pop.

Before: 3 RAW Files (Above)

After: Finished Image (Below)

Walkthrough #2: Sunrise Colour Infusion

Processing this image is all about extracting the best of the faint colour that was captured in the RAW files and infusing the colours it failed to capture, to produce a result that matches the look - but more importantly the FEEL of the warm glowing sunrise.

This time we start with 2 bracketed exposures and blend them together. But soon after that it is all about the colour and contrast, calling upon some techniques only previously taught in Steves "Creative Colour Compositing Class".

Before: 2 RAW Files (Above)

After: Finished Image (Below)

Walkthrough #3: Bald Hill Storm Clouds

This walkthrough starts with a single RAW file taken on a stormy morning between rain showers. 

The RAW file picked up the pinks, blues and purples of the sunrise quite well, so the goal when processing this image was to bring those existing colours out and make them pop without sending them overboard and over-saturated.

Just like the first two walkthroughs, this one was also about recreating the look and feel of the morning in the finished image, whilst subtly affecting certain parts of the image to make them more prominent in the composition (like the bushes in the foreground)

Before: RAW File (Above)

After: Finished Image (Below)

Here's an overview of some of what you're learning in these 3 walkthroughs:

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    How to use luminosity masking to accurately blend multiple exposures for a clean, natural looking result
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    Multiple techniques for adding contrast to your images to make them POP
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    How to boost the effectiveness of all your adjustment layers using luminosity masking 
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    RAW file processing and preparation
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    Many creative techniques that can breathe life into your images
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    How to make adjustments that affect specific parts of an image without affecting others (using layer masking with and without luminosity selections)
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    Unique colour manipulation techniques for making images glow (only previously taught in Steves Creative Colour Compositing Class)
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    Many examples using Curves and Levels adjustment layers in various ways to transform your images
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    How to enhance drama and detail in cloudy skies
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    How to enhance or even create the effect of hazy, misty light in an image
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    How to intensify faint colours in an image
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    Various techniques for adding a soft, warm, sunrise (or sunset) glow
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    Selective Colour correction and enhancement techniques
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    How to get the best out of your RAW files and create results that stand out amongst the crowd
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    Plus LOTS more!

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