When you’re scrolling through a new batch of freshly-taken RAW files on your computer, picking out which ones you’ll edit…

It can be easy to miss those “diamonds in the rough”.

The nature of RAW files being so flat and dull makes it easy to be discouraged when you first lay eyes them.

(Especially when you thought they looked so good on the back of your camera!)

And as you’re scrolling through, picking the ones that already look the best, you forget the rest.

Or sometimes you even write off an entire batch of RAW files because they appear so uninspired at first glance.

And if this happens too often, your enthusiasm for photography can take a real hit.

It’s an easy trap to fall into (I know, I’ve been there!)

I wonder how many hidden gems are languishing on everyone's hard disks, just waiting to be discovered?

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With a little bit of “spit and polish” you can turn these dull, flat and uninspired RAW files into something special.

First you have to put aside that negative first impression… Just for a few moments…

And then you need to have a set of reliable editing techniques that are up to the task and can bring out the full potential of each and every RAW file…

And it just so happens I can help you with that part.

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