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Essential Videos

  • Video 1: Establishing a Workflow
  • Video 2: Establishing a Workflow #2
  • Video 3: Composition
  • Video 4: Next Level Fine Tuning Part 1
  • Video 5: Next Level Fine Tuning Part 2
  • Video 6: Awesome Layer Masks
  • Video 7: Create Landscapes with Impact
  • How-To Videos:
    • Quick Selection & Refine Edge Masking
    • How To Fake A Long Exposure
    • The Fake Grad Filter Technique
    • How To Fix Blown Highlights


5 Minute Quick-Vids

  • How to use black & white to ADD colour
  • How to make water, white
  • Quick colour-cast fix
  • How to make a fake pano
  • How to brighten the darkest shadows (1)
  • How to brighten the darkest shadows (2)
  • How to boost “blah” clouds
  • Cool desaturation method
  • The five-minute workflow (1)
  • The five-minute workflow (2)
  • How to make water smooth
  • Taming wild colours


Watch me show you how to blend these three separate exposures into one beautiful finished result using simple layer masking techniques… And that's just in video #1!



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Secure 1-Time Payment of $27