I want to let you in on a little secret about when I shoot seascapes…

Here it is:

Sometimes it can take HUNDREDS of shots to get a single good one.

Especially when there are waves swooshing around unpredictably in the foreground.

With this photo, it took me over 200 shots to get one where the water created just the right shape rising up to create that almost dome-like bubble in the middle.

But there’s an important distinction between this, and running around taking hundreds of poorly thought-out shots with hinky compositions…

With this one, I had the final image in mind having seen a big wave push through this narrow crevice in the rock shelf before I set up.

I knew that every once in a while, a wave with just the right momentum would rise up higher than the rest to create a really interesting flow. But I couldn’t tell which wave it would be!

So I set up the tripod, pointed the camera where I wanted it and every few seconds as a new wave rolled in, I’d click the shutter.

The result, 200+ shots of the same basic composition but every one of them with a different foreground.

Contrast that with my early days suffering from the Photographers Panic, running around trying to get as many different shots with as many different compositions as possible but missing the mark on all of them.

It all comes back to just taking a breath, thinking about what I’m about to do, and then committing to it.

So that’s my rather quick, but important message for today.

To always take a moment to collect your thoughts, then commit to getting ONE good shot.

Once you’ve got your “keeper”, then feel free to wander around finding alternative compositions etc, safe in the knowledge that anything else you get is just icing on the cake.

Of course, once you’ve scored your keeper, you’ll still need to polish it off in Photoshop…

Which my Luminosity Masking Mastery course can definitely help you out with 🙂

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Talk soon,