At some point in the process of creating a photo, a vision of how you see it turning out forms in your head.

Where and when this vision forms will heavily impact how the finished image will look.

For example, does a vision form even before you've decided where to take a shot, thereby informing that decision?

Or do you choose a location first, and then start to form a picture of the finished image in your mind before you start shooting?

How about after you've captured a few frames when you can gauge what's coming out on the back of your camera?

Or is the “capture” process separate from the “creating your vision” process, and you only start to think about the finished image once you're sat with the RAW files open in Photoshop?

Or do you not even think about it at all, and just go with the flow to see what comes out at the end?

None of these approaches are either right or wrong.

But the sooner we think about how we want our photos to look, the more decisions we can make to influence the finished image.

So if you find yourself underwhelmed at how your shots are turning out, it could be that you're not thinking about your vision early enough in the process.

Or maybe you are, but the hurdle is you lack the Photoshop skills to create on screen what you can see in your mind…

That's a separate issue.

Luckily it's one I can help you with…

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